Xikar High Performance Butane - 8oz by Case Elegance

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The Best Butane For Your Lighters.

Xikar makes the most premium butane on the market. This high-quality butane will provide all the fuel your torch lighter needs. The Xikar high-performance butane will give the cleanest burn with the least impurities, even cleaning some clogged lighters with low flame heights.

Don’t settle for lower-quality butane that will clog your torch lighter over time and give you a sub-par burn. A quality product, Xikar’s butane gives you everything you need, and this eight-ounce can will come to you in less than a week and it’s offered with free returns if you’re unsatisfied.

  • New high-performance formula

  • Produces a more robust and powerful flame

  • Increased performance at high altitude

  • Helps prevent misfires and clogs in the fuel line
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