Octodor Glass Top Humidor by Case Elegance

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Introducing the Octodor Glass Top Humidor by Klaro. We’ve spent years meticulously crafting this humidor to be our best yet. It’s undergone extensive research, testing, and customer feedback to solve every shortcoming commonly experienced with other humidors. Cleverly recessed into the base is the included patent-pending Hydro System, an accurate and low-maintenance cigar humidification system that makes maintaining your humidor easy. This luxe humidor features a striking octagon silhouette, posh black piano finish, glass top, front digital hygrometer, accessory storage drawer, Spanish cedar, and an air-tight magnetic enclosure. We give you everything you need to get up and running with your new Octodor, including the patent-pending Hydro System that contains two humidor solution bottles to help you get started with your seasoning. This is the most comprehensive cigar humidor out there. A striking silhouette and thoughtful engineering makes it a must-have humidor for any aficionado.

  • LARGER OCTODOR - Holding up to 100 cigars, the octodor has enough storage space for the novice or seasoned smoker. We’ve kept all of the coveted Klaro humidor features, like the front digital hygrometer, magnetic lid, and accessory drawer. The Octodor was meticulously crafted into a unique octagon shape and comes with an elegant high-gloss black piano finish.

  • RECESSED HUMIDIFICATION SYSTEM - The Octodor comes packaged with the patent-pending Hydro System; an accurate and low-maintenance cigar humidification system. This unique humidification system keeps your Klaro humidor perfectly seasoned between 65% to 70% RH and comes with two bottles of humidor solution to help you get started. Unlike other models, we have specially built this humidor to recess the system, so ZERO space is taken up, allowing you to store more of your smokes. We recommend purchasing a Klaro Subscription to ensure your humidor is seasoned year-round.

  • SPANISH CEDAR - We’ve incorporated thick Spanish cedar, making this humidor a moisture-holding machine. After opening the lid, you’ll quickly be greeted by the wonderful smell of Spanish cedar. At Case Elegance, we respect the heritage of humidor manufacturing by only incorporating the best materials.

  • DIGITAL HYGROMETER - A staple of Klaro humidors is the built-in digital hygrometer. This is the most accurate way to monitor and ensure your humidor is adequately seasoned. The space grey metal cover was custom molded to match the octagon shape of the humidor.

  • ACCESSORY STORAGE - Properly store your lighter, cigar cutters, and travel case in the large bottom slide-out accessory storage drawer. The drawer is lined with a plush felt and fitted with a custom octagon-shaped handle, making it easier to get to your accessories. (Accessories Not Included).

  • REMOVABLE CEDAR TRAY - A removable cedar storage tray with a movable partition wall separates your cigars to permit better airflow and seasoning. The tray also helps with organizing your ready-to-smoke cigars at the top."

  • Wood construction with a beautiful black piano finish and subtle wood grain.
  • Felt-lined bottom accessory drawer
  • Full cedar lining to help retain moisture
  • Includes full Hydro System
  • Custom molded space gray hardware



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