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Traps and eliminates flies, mosquitos and gnats up to 16ft away. No power outlet required!

The Bug Bulb is a portable LED lantern that keeps flies, mosquitos and gnats away from your porch, veranda, tent, bins, bedrooms, workspaces and more. The non-intrusive LED light attracts bugs and the built-in electrical zapper gets rid of them instantly.


The Bug Bulb uses a 6000K white UV light to attract flies, mosquitoes and gnats indoor and outdoors, and the zapper kills them instantly without sprays, harsh chemicals or fly swatters!


Take your Bug Bulb anywhere without cables or power outlets. Lasts for 15hrs without charge. USB rechargeable battery that’s fully charged in 4hrs.


The powerful 5 Watt bug bulb lantern maintains a 16'x16' bug-free perimeter for 15 hours!


Choose from 4 lighting modes for the perfect ambience and protection. 20% mode = 20 hrs of 30lm, 50% mode = 8 hrs of 90lm and 100% mode = 4 hrs of 180lm.


IPX6 waterproof to withstand heavy rain, storm rain, garden hoses and pressure washers. It’s also lightning-proof and shatter-resistant.


After use simply rinse under water to quickly remove dirt and insects. So easy!


Use the built-in hook to hang the Bug Bulb indoors or outdoors. Hang or sit them on your patio, picnic blanket, outdoor dining table, next to your outdoor bins, from the peak of your tent. Enjoy SILENT protection, ambient light and 16ft radius protection without cords!


No need for bug sprays, electric coil lanterns, open flame candles or fly swatters that could be dangerous around children and pets. The Bug Bulb is non-toxic, has a durable shatter-resistant ABS cover and a built-in smart chip that prevents it from overheating.


The Bug Bulb is energy-efficient and rechargeable and far more affordable than alternative solutions that require replacement coils, batteries, oils and more.

Keep your whole family protected!

The Bug Bulb is scent-free, silent, shatter-proof and non toxic. Offering you 15hrs of light and a 16ft protection radius to keep bugs away. Runs on rechargeable batteries so you can use it anywhere without power cables! Cleans easily under running water to remove dirt and bugs. No need for bug sprays, electric coil lanterns, open flame candles or fly swatters!

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