16 pack - Tonic Water Fan Pack by Top Note Tonic Store

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Featuring our full lineup of year-round tonics, the Tonic Fan Mixed Pack is a treat to keep in the pantry and pull out for any get-together, or your nightly ritual. Featuring 3 tonics, including our award winning Indian Tonic, Classic Tonic, and Bitter Lemon we rounded this out with Club Soda (to make a lighter drink if you choose), we can guarantee every tonic has a unique place on the bar. 

Mixers Included

"I just got my tonic mixer pack in the mail and I love it SO MUCH! I haven't tried the club soda yet, but the bitter lemon was freaking great and the tonic is awesome. I found your product when I was looking around online for Suntory seltzer to no avail. I am so delighted to have found something from my hometown that is SO DELICIOUS! I am already excited to try the rest of your products. Also, props to you guys for pricing that I think is very fair for such a great product!" - Sarah K., Top Note Shopper

Quantity: 16 - 8.5oz bottles (4 - 4-packs)
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